Adventure Club

Energy in youth is a sign of progress. If this progress is given a perfect path, it will transform into creativity, which in turn helps to utilize the energy present in youth for their personal progress. It is necessary to make them progressive, sporting, and strong. The activities of the club in the session 2016-17 will be
     1. Trekking
     2. Cycling
     3. River Crossing
     4. Rappelling
     5. Jungle night out

Community service club

The aim of the club is to make the students aware of the problems and vices prevailing in society. Through this club, we can give students a chance to serve society and motivate them to become good citizens. Planned activities for session 2016-17

      1.  Cleanliness drive
      2. Save the girl child
      3.  Visit an Orphanage
      4.  Visit an old age home
      5. Adult Education
      6.  Construction of Toilets
      7. Guidance & Counseling
      8.  Awareness about
        1. substance abuse
        2. Tobacco
        3. Drugs
        4. Alcohol

Environment Club

Human activities have harmed the environment and id affecting our climate as well as life style. We will see its ill effects in the future. So environment club was setup to bring awareness among the students and inculcate the habit to respect their surroundings and gifts of the nature. The Proposed activities for the session 2016-17 are:-

      1. Tree Plantation day
      2. Visit to site near Kanh River & to know about its cleaning action plan.
      3. Visit to Zoo/ Ralamandal bio reserve.
      4. Environment awareness campaign organized by students in their own locality.
      5. Managing Herbal Garden / Medicinal Plants Census and Naming of Plants.

Geography Club

The Geography club aims to develop knowledge and insight among the students regarding the geography of India as well as the world. The formation of this club aims not only sound knowledge but also activities related to saving of Environment and surroundings. The club proposes the following activities for the forthcoming

    1. Tree Plantation (Environment Day)
    2. Measuring rainfall with the help of a Rain gauge, keeping a record of temp, humidity etc.
    3. Visit to Agriculture College to know about soil type, Soil testing type etc.
    4. Awareness camp for the conservation of water with the help of slogans, posters etc and Rainwater harvesting.
    5. To create a multimedia presentation showing Natural and manmade wonders related to geography.
            • Testing of soil
            • Industrial visit
            • Star Gazing
            • Rainwater harvesting


The IT Club focuses on means to expand and enrich the knowledge of students who are interested in the innovations in information technology.
School computer clubs benefit children in a number of ways. When children are involved in computer-related clubs, they establish job skills that they will need in their future careers, according to Education World. Children also remain up-to-speed in the ever-progressing world of technology. School club members can take part in a variety of computer activities. The activities of the club in the session 2016-17 will be:

          • IT QUIZ


Literary Club aims to inculcate among students a fondness for language and enhances their critical thinking, reading, and writing skills, needed by them throughout their lives. The activities of the club in the session 2016-17 will be

1. Skit
2. Slogan writing
3. Story writing / Play Writing
4. Paraphrasing a poem

Photography club

Photography is all about the study of light, composition, and a good understanding of your own equipment. During the year, the club will organize activities whereby everyone will get a chance to learn photography, utilize their camera to the fullest and become sensitized to the world around us.
To “focus on social interaction and enhance peer learning in photography, build an avenue for de-stressing from the rigor of daily life and to capture memories of our year forever is the main objective of this club.

Science Club

Science Club provides opportunities to explore knowledge through activities. This will develop scientific temperament in students and society. The science club connects students to real scientists and the scientific environment. It helps in students’ development through different activities to explain real-world phenomena and coherent integration of authentic science practices, concepts, and core ideas. Planned activities for session 2016-17 visit to different institutes/Labs

      • Conducting scientific conferences/Guest lectures.

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