Sports Complex


Vidyasagar School Basket Ball team is the most promising and competent team which is always performing at various level competitions. The team possesses unflinching fighting spirit and untiring commitment. Players have been learning the skills of the game and practicing under the training of expert coach.


School’s football team is a great blending of strong, zealous and committed players who exhibit an exhilarating and spectacular sporting spirit and skill.

Team has brought many laurels to school by winning various Football competitions.

The School has produced many talented players under the guidance and coaching of expert trainer.



The school has a hardworking and talented team of Volleyball which have won many Sahodaya and Interschool Tournaments. 

The players have been provided special  training by the expert coach.


Badminton is a game of skill. power, stamina and reflexes. Vidyasagar School is providng the best learning atmosphere for the game covering all the aspects of standard training by the expert coach.

Table Tennis

Indoor games Table Tennis is also a prominent and significant part of school’s sports curriculum .The game provides students the ability to control , invigorate and focus their mind and movements.

Vidyasagar School has produced many National and State Level Table-Tennis players (Boys and Girls) who have brought laurels to the school. 


Taekwondo is a Korean form of martial arts invilving punching and kicking techniques, with emphsis on head-height kicks.

Vidyasagar School provides training of Taekwondo to the students who have won many competitions at different levels.


A healthy mind lives in a healthy body. For mental, spiritual, physical and overall development of students  a particularly designed Yoga training has been given to students.

Many students have performed exceptionally well in various Inter-School and Sahodaya Competitions.




Cricket is the most popular game in India. The School has a green playground with 3 curated pitches and 1 cemented pitch for net practice.

The budding talented cricketers have been given proper training of the game by the expert coach.


Swimming is known as a complete  exercise for the body. But it is also a competitive sport.

The School has a swimming pool for the learners and performers of swimming.

One more national level swimming pool is under construction which will be soon available for the students.