School Timing

Class Arrival Departure
Nursery to III 09:10 am  01:10 pm
IV to V 09:10 am 02:40 pm
VI to X 07:40 am 02:40 pm
XI & XII 07:40 am 01:10 pm

Note :-

For Classes Nur. to XII the School will function for all six days a week i.e. Monday to Saturday. Changeable only in emergency as per directive of District Administrator.


Principal / V.P / H.M.

From 2:00 pm to 3:30 pm.
(on any working day)

Class Teachers & Subject Teachers
From 1:30 pm to 2:30 pm.

(On I & III Saturday)


  • Leave will be granted to those who take prior permission.
  • Leave for marriage will be granted only in case of real brother & sister.
  • No leave will be granted on Test and Examination days except for grave reasons.


  • Nursery: No Specific, Can wear any comfortable dress and shoes.
    All Students must come to school Neatly dressed wearing their complete uniform as follow:

Regular Uniform

  • Pre-Primary- Checked Shirt (Half Sleeves) Shorts For Boys. Checked Shirt (Half Sleeves) Gray Tunic For Girls.
  • Navy Blue Trousers for Boys- IV to XII (Trousers should be plain cut, neither drain pipes nor bell bottoms) and Navy Blue Shorts for class I to III (Shade No. 3216 Company: BSL, Quality Super Power line Sort No. 601010) . Navy Blue socks (Company : Vertex) with two White stripes, Cream Shirts (Full Sleeve) with School mono [ Mafatlal Mill Sort No. 677889]
  • Navy Blue Skirt for Girls (Shade No. 3216 Company: Bsl, Quality Super Power line Sort No.601010). Wearing cycle shorts under the skirt is Compulsory. Navy Blue Socks (Company: Vertex) with two White Stripes up to the Knee.
  • PREFECTS – Cream Shirts (Full Sleeve) with school mono and Black Trouser for Boys/Black Skirts for Girls.
  • New Belt- Navy Blue with Cream Stripe in Center with School Mono, School Tie.

Winter Uniform

  • Pre-Primary: V-Neck Pullover Navy Blue Trousers for Boys. V-Neck Pullover Grey Slacks, gray Head Scarf for Girls.
  • Navy Blue Blazer with School Mono (Tow Buttons.)
  • Woolen Cap/ Scarf Navy Blue (No other Colour).
  • Navy Blue Trousers for girls IV to XII.
  • School Sports uniform is compulsory in games period, Student can come to school in sports uniform from home as per the scheduled time table, Sports shoes preferable white,if coloured then maximum (75%)portion should be white.
  • All Students must carry Handkerchief Daily.
  • Shoes should be cleaned and polished daily.
  • Well manicured nails, Trim neatly combed hair and neat appearance is expected from all the students.
    in case a student is found shabby and improper uniform, he/ she will be liable to face upto class VIII.
  • One plait for Girls for Classes XI & XII.
  • Girls are Not allowed to apply nail polish, mehandi, or hair dye whatever may be the occasion at home.
  • No ornaments/ Jewellery what so ever are to be worn by students except for small earrings, in case of any lose of valuable the school will not be responsible.
  • Smart watches are not allowed in school. However they can use simple analog watches if they want.

Academic Calender

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