Principal’s Message

Principal’s Message

Vidyasagar School, Indore is a school which strives for educational excellence and at the same time provides an opportunity to develop inherent talent of each student to make each one responsible towards self and society. An approach that caters to a varied range of individual differences, capabilities and strives to provide ample opportunities to enjoy the learning experience while integrating generic skills, values and attitudes in key learning areas.

I asked a wise man, “Tell me sir, which field could I make a great career?”  He said with a smile “Be a good human being. There is a huge opportunity in this area and very little competition.”

Brilliance in academics is not enough for a student to become a responsible human being. For us, True education focuses on the Holistic approach whereby the child’s learning is enhanced through enriched play experiences encouraging curiosity, exploration and a sense of appreciation for Literature and creative expressions. The objective is to foster creativity.It is a constant desire to do something better that makes a contribution to oneself and to others too.  So, the one who thinks of newness can bring about such a contribution. Students have time and again proved us right.

With its long legacy, Vidyasagar School is proud to have the alumni placed at respectable positions across the globe. They are empowered to contribute towards a humane and progressive society.

Thank you for entrusting the responsibility of your ward in the safest hands and to join the fraternity.

Ms. Bhavna Pujari