American Field Service

AFS is an international voluntary Non-Governmental, Non-Profit Organization that provides intercultural learning opportunities to help people develop the knowledge, Skills and understanding needed to create a more just and peaceful world. Peace building workshop was help at Queens College khandwa Road Indore on August 17, 2019 and Divyanshi Tiwari and Manya Verma of Vidyasagar School Indore attended the workshop on 15 November 2019. Vidyasagar School, Indore Hosted AFS India Global Peace Fest, Indore Chapter Under the aegis of AFS intercultural Program India II Schools of Indore Chapter Participated in 5 different activities – Elocution, Painting, Essay Writing, Solo Singing, Solo Dancing 102 Students took part in this various Competition. The AFS India Global Peace fest was an event that Provided a platform for students to showcase their talents not just at the school level but as part of a larger global community. III Students of Vidyasagar School got Selected for the Finals at Delhi, Among 102 Students.

Shikhar Gore -II Position Singing
Rishiba Jain -I Dance
Sakshi Panchlaniya – I Painting

“All you need is the plan, the road map, and the courage to press on to your destination for success.”
– Earl Nightingale

The school has been successful in gaining the International School Award and is accredited for the period 2018-21. British Council gave an exciting platform for exposure to global education. The content and approach of the curriculum integrate various dimensions of learning. Embedding internationalism and leadership development with academic rigor set us in a vantage position, helping our students to collaborate and understand diverse cultures. British Council opened up new avenues for the students, teachers, and also the parents. Students from Nursery to XII were involved in multifarious activities in various projects. Connecting and working in collaboration with the link schools around the world enhanced our knowledge even further imbibing values of global citizenship and universal brotherhood. We collaborated with various schools viz. LYCEUM (Russia), Dover High School (Argentina), TSU City Elementary and Junior High School (Russia), and Elementary School In Wola Dalsza (Poland) with Junior School (Class Nursery to grade V), Jeodang High School (Korea), Integrated Boarding School Of Kuantan (Malaysia), Associacao Cultural Brasil Estados Unidos (Brazil) and Russia Clever High School (Russia) with senior school (grade VI to grade XII). The quest to expand the knowledge and the exchange of projects internationally for all grades has turned out as the need of the time and has created a more amicable and harmonious and happy place to study every day.

The perseverance and meticulous endeavors of our diligent students and faculties were brought into the lime light with the beautiful appreciation words by British Council in the Award Letter.

Model United Nations

Mun – Model United Nations is an association which has activities to develop leadership qualities in students with oratory skills to convince with logic refute the undesirable and establish strategies after debate and discussion Students at Vidyasagar are being groomed to participate among elite Schools like Daly College Indore, YPS Patiala, PPS Nabha, Global Genesis Noida. Imbibing qualities to become aware and better citizens.

International Award for Young People

The Duke of Edinburgh’s also known as International Awards for Young People. It is an exciting self-developmental program available to all young people worldwide aged between 14 – 25 years. It equips them with life skills, builds their confidence, and encourages them in their communities to make a difference to themselves and to the world. Today over 9 million young people in 130 countries have engaged in the exciting self-developmental program. It is the world’s leading achievement award for young people. The Award is tough but it is about individual challenges not about reaching specific standards set by someone else. They choose a service, physical, and skills activity, go on an adventurous journey and to achieve a gold medal, take part in a Residential Project. There are 3 progressive levels, which when successfully completed lead to a Bronze, Silver, and Gold Award. It began in 1956 and many millions more have felt its impact in their communities. They are aiming to increase the number beginning their awards each year from 300,000 to 750,000 in the following years. The award is about individual challenges. With guidance from their Award leaders, Assessor, or other award volunteers . Finally, to help young people overcome their fear and challenge the award provides them with opportunities to learn from experience. The basic structure of the award program consists of four sections: service adventurous journey, skills, and physical recreation . There are three levels of award: Bronze (for those aged 14 or over), silver (for those aged 15 or over), and gold (for those aged 16 or over).

Academic Calender

  • Self-belief and self-confident
  • An independent and self-motivating attitude.
  • A willingness to try new things.
  • The ability to make a plan and then make their plan happen
  • Lifelong interest
  • Team skills
  • A connection to their broader society
  • A sense of responsibility to others

The award is delivered internationally through the international award association (IAA)

  • The award has four sections –
  • Service –which aims to understand the value of giving service to other people and their community.
  • Some general impacts and benefits :
  1. Enhancing leadership
  2. Trusting and being trusted.
  3. Enjoyment and a sense of satisfaction in helping others.
  4. Being able to relate to others from different generation.
  • Skills- when encourages the devolvement of personal interest creativity or practical skills .
  • Some general impact and benefits :
  1. Enhancing self-motivation .
  2. Refining awareness of one’s own potential
  3. Enjoyment and many more.
  4. Discovering new abilities and developing these on improving existing talents
  • Physical recreation –which encourages participation in sports and other physical recreation for the improvement of health and fitness.
  • Some impact and benefits includes:
  1. Developing a life style in a nice manner.
  2. Improving fitness
  3. Increasing self esteem
  • Adventurous journey-which encourages a spirit and adventure of discovery undertaking a journey in a group.
  • Some impacts and benefits includes:
  1. Working as a part of a team
  2. Enhancing leadership skills
  • There is also an additional requirement to complete a residential project by the completion of the gold level. This project broadens  a young person’s experience through involvement with others unknown to them in a  residential setting.
  • The award cannot be delivered without award leader and other volunteers whose guidelines and support to participants defines their journey and ultimately the impact of award. The main responsibilities of an award leader are:
    1. To advice  and guide to participate in the award
    2. To publicise the award
    3. To keep records of participants and helpers

At last , there is a very charming glow for the participants to be enrolled in this award as it will be very beneficial for their healthy living and future.