Biology Laboratory

The Biology laboratory is fully equipped with all essentials to develop biological temperament and skills. Students enjoy exploring their practical Skills here. A biology laboratory is an ideal place for future doctors and researchers.

Biotech Laboratory

A biotech lab provides an opportunity for the students to expose to different basic processes and basic tools & techniques used in biotechnology. We have a spacious laboratory equipped with laminar air flow, spectrophotometer, UV Tran illuminator incubator, and many more latest instruments. Students have hand on experience in all the modern spheres of biotechnology.

Chemistry Laboratory

In order to foster scientific temper and spirit of enquiry in students by letting them test and verify various theories and principles of chemistry, the school has well equipped, maintained, instrumented chemistry laboratory. The purpose is to impart elementary knowledge and basic practical techniques among the students. Here students enjoy to analyses various skills of chemistry Practical.

Computer Lab

The availability of computers for each & every learner will make them more active and help in executing the skills. The teacher here is no longer the center of attraction, as the one who dispenses the information, but plays the role of facilitator, setting project goals and providing guidelines and resources. In this regard, the school feels proud to inform you that the Smart Class facility has been increased two times and the computer laboratory is well equipped with new Hi-tech computers with the latest configuration, all LED’s, another step to instill the passion for learning.

State-of-the-art: Language Lab

“Every Child has an imagination and instinct for words, a dramatic faculty a wealth of ideas and fancy”-Sri Aurobindo Following these words school has developed a special Language Lab to enhance the linguistic and phonetics skills of the students. They gain these skills through audio & video system. They enjoy most when they check their own pronunciation and polish their language. This lab is highly beneficial for language skills enhancement. Indeed a value-added arena for the institution.

Physics Laboratory

A highly equipped Physics Laboratory has all the apparatus to impart practical knowledge to the students for a better understanding of the subject. This spacious lab has a student-teacher ratio of 4:1 a time so that Personal attention to all the students to work on their practical skills can be thoroughly monitored. It is well equipped with modern apparatus to understand about various circuits and the construction of working projects based on the syllabus.